Did Nostradamus Really Predict The Coronavirus?


Did Nostradamus Really Predict The Coronavirus?

Considered one of the greatest prophets of all time, Nostradamus seemed to predict future events with high precision. However, did it really happen, and did Nostradamus predict the latest disaster we have ever witnessed – coronavirus pandemic?

Michel de Nostredame is probably a name you’ve never heard of. However, if I tell you the Latin name of this French astrologer and a doctor, you will know who it is.

Considered one of the greatest prophets of all time, Nostradamus seemed to predict future events with high precision. But is it really so, and did Nostradamus predict the latest catastrophe we witnessed – coronavirus pandemic?

Knowing The Future 500 Years Before It Happens?

Nostradamus lived in the 16th century, so it’s not hard to imagine how difficult it would be to predict the events that would take place a few hundred years later. The writings of this prophet are part of his most important success – a book called Les Prophéties or The Prophecies. Inside, he only wrote 934 songs with four lines, which was also known as the catrains. How sensitive are their predictions?

Truth be told, Nostradamus’ writings are rather vague. If your creative mind is creative enough, you can use almost any of the poems to describe certain events that occurred after his death. However, there are some quatins in the book that come close to depicting some of the important events that hold an important place in history.Did Nostradamus Really Guess the Corona Virus?, How did the Nostradamus estimates, When did Nostradamus predict diseases, Nostradamus the great oracle, Nostradamus 2020corona virus prediction

Interpretation Of Nostradamus’ Quatrains

  • First of all, the big fire that devastated London in 1666 is something we can read in 52 poems of Les Prophéties.
  • “The blood of justice will make a mistake in London,
  • Twenty-three burned with lightning:
  • The ancient lady will fall from her high place,
  • Many of the same sect will be killed. “
  • On the other hand, using three consecutive six is not unusual when it comes to prophecies or any narrative with evil in it. Inside the Bible, the New Testament is exactly known as the number 666 “number of the beast” or the number of the devil. It is not a coincidence that Nostradamus used, but the fire that hit London in 1666, by chance.
he great fire that devastated London in 1666 is something that we can read about in poem 52 from Les Prophéties.  
The great fire that devastated London in 1666 is something we can read in 52 poems of Les Prophéties.There are other poems from the collection that resemble some of the most important events of the 20th century. Number 24 speaks of Germany, who foresaw the arrival of a tyrant and a period of great war and hunger. Of course, this is the approach of Hitler in the late 1930s and II. It can be interpreted as the beginning of World War II.

Quatrain 27 says in the first line: “ The big man will be hit by a lightning strike during the day. ” In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in wide daylight, and this Nostradamus’s poem was to comply with the terrible event.

What About Coronavirus Outbreak?

  1. As you can see, if you want Nostradamus prophecies to hit and adhere to certain important events, you can interpret them this way. Take a look at this poem number 56 from its main opus:
  2. ” Sloping park, big disaster,
  3. Western Territories and Lombardy
  4. Fire, plague and captivity on board;
  5. Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn is fading. “

Now let’s make sure that the COVID-19 outbreak meets the conditions around it. “Sloping park” is Hanko Jiangtan Park with slopes surrounding the river located in Wuhan (where the coronavirus begins). The second line refers to Europe, Australia, Asia, America and Lombardy (Italy). “Fire on board” addresses the state of a collapsing economy, “” plague “” is coronavirus and “” bondage “” is quarantined. The last line predicts time: in astrology, when Mercury is in Sagittarius and Saturn is fading – we just say – it was January.

Indeed, COVID-19 was January when the city of Wuhan was quarantined when it began to spread among citizens, and you can approach the river with slopes as mentioned above in one of Wuhan’s parks. However, most of Nostradamus’s poems can be interpreted in this way – the terminology used is very broad and everything else is coincidence.

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We’ve had a lot of plague since the 16th century, and January has been several hundred times. This does not mean that Nostradamus has predicted every disaster since the 16th century, it can only see how they came. When and how these events can occur can be explained by scientific research, and some are unpredictable, such as fires or earthquakes.

Therefore, everything Nostradamus seems justified is completely random, and is closely linked to the need to find rational explanations in times when it is very difficult to handle man.

Who was Nostradamus?

Michel de Nostredame or Nostradamus – this Latin astrologer and a doctor’s latinized name is considered one of the greatest prophets of all time. It was he who predicted future events with high precision.

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