Dark season 3 has already begun. The new season of Netflix’s German series is announced.


Dark season 3 has already begun. The new season of Netflix’s German series is announced.

One of the most confusing arrays of the platform production of the season 2 began last June 21. After the start, the new season was approved for the production which was the center of attention during this time. The director of the series, Baran bo Odar, officially shared that the third and last season of shooting started on his Instagram account. Produced by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, who collaborated on the 2014 film Who Am I, the production continues to attract much attention. The first season of the series began with the disappearance of two children in the small German town of Winden. The result was interesting results that upset the concept of time. The question is not who kidnapped the children, but when they kidnapped them. In the second season, Jonas is trying to return to 2020. As he deals with these events, his friends Martha, Magnus and Franziska try to unravel the connection between the mysterious events in Bartosz and Winden Town.

Dark 3rd season full date not yet announced
Dark’s second season will be held between 1954-1987-2020 and 2053. In addition, we can say that 2021 was emphasized. The second season opens this year, and the viewers set out for Noah’s youth, the most mysterious character of the first season. Let’s not tell you the rest because it includes spoilers.

Dark season 3 will be broadcast on Netflix screens again in the summer of 2020.

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Dark What happened in season 2? Here are the details

In the first season, Dark presented a narrative based on the difference between magic and illusion, a dark universe that we followed by asking questions. As our characters constantly travel through time in this universe, we asked if there is a scientific explanation of their experience, or is it all part of a much gigantic plan far beyond what we can explain with our helpless mind. In the first season, what is going on in the short season, what the Dark Season 2 is responding about the first season, and it is possible to explain the events that do not develop in a linear narrative fiction with a linear narrative, we will make a general assessment of the questions in this article, let’s say plenty of spoilers in advance.

In the first season, we knew a little bit about all of the characters, mainly through the disappearance of Mikkel and what happened to Ulrich, who went on a journey through time into the events looking for it. But the real issue was a bit more shaped about how this time travel was done. In this process, too, Dark seemed to be very clearly aiming to introduce his own universe of stories to us; a nuclear power plant, a cave, a steampunk-designed time machine, dying birds, intermittent electricity on one side, as well as real events such as the Chernobyl catastrophe and god-particle theories, and the Cern experiment, which are projecting out of this narrative universe, aiming to increase credibility. On the other side of the strategy, we have found ourselves in the middle of a mythological story. I say mythological, because we are talking about a series that narrates the issues that are important in the history of mankind through stereotyped characters. In the second season of our narrative, where almost every character was taken out of the Bible one by one and embedded in the network of tragedy and relations inspired by Greek mythology, I believe that the transformation of these characters and the maturation of the narrative universe, which now offers a consistent course to the audience, has been recognized. In this maturing narrative universe, we see how big mistakes can be made by a human invention that can intervene in the cycle of nature every 33 years and go to the desired year in time.

dark ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Dark Season 2: Beginnings and Ends and Beginnings and Ends and Beginning


The second season, the first episode, the first scene, the first shot: the sentence “When you look at the abyss, the abyss looks at you düşen on a black background. Just as the pilot episode describes the entire story universe of Dark, the second season that began with Nietzsche’s words, in fact, gives us a sign that a character involved would be intervened by these events. Thus, while we continue to recognize the course of events and a story universe through various characters, we also begin to witness how a main character is transformed into a plot that matures for the audience.

In the first part, in 1921, the two men who excavated inside the cave where our characters traveled in time, talked about the cult, the long name Sic Mundus Creatus Est, which from the first season led us to ask questions of science or god that Dark would keep for the events. had prepared the ground. Reverend Noah, who has always faced the same uncanny, continues to participate in the plot with his direct interventions in the second season through his connection with this sect. Immediately after the two men came out of the cave, we find out that the younger was Noah’s youth, and that “one” gave him the name Noah. Soon after, Noah brutally kills the other with a pickax and suddenly we see the leather-covered notebook with the “holy” timeline of adult Noah in another time; but the missing pages of this almost sacred book and a gigantic note covering the entire screen: June 27, 2020 – The beginning of the last cycle. What does it mean? And why did young Noah kill that guy? Who or what is the supreme being who bestowed him the name Noah? All of these questions are drifting from time to time with us. Nevertheless, we are able to get a few returns during the season, unlike a very clear response.

In order to follow the cycle of this process in some way, a breaking point has been chosen: apocalypse. In the second season, we understand that Jonas is in a direct response to the apocalypse, while the transformation of the characters is mainly fueling the apocalypse, how it intervenes in the existing order and ends up with a catastrophe. But at this point, the name of Adam rather than Jonas is mentioned. In the scene where adult Noah and young Noah speak at the church, Adam’s “big hand or is repeated once more. And who is this Adam? Why is his face so deformed? More precisely, since we’ve come all the way here, let’s ask the main question: how long did Jonas look at the abyss and become someone like Adam?

Ä°lgili resim

Members of the Sic Mundus sect, who reigned as Jonas went to the future and opened his eyes in a post-apocalyptic world, promised paradise in a place where everything was extremely cold and gray, hanging almost everyone in front of them. I wouldn’t want to explain it in such a superficial way, but that’s basically what happened. In the meantime, we know that the sect protects a forbidden area, and that forbidden area is where black matter is hidden. As we will learn in the following sections, while Adam is the ruler of this region and the Sic Mundus sect in general, Jonas takes a stance against Adam, which he will eventually turn into, and puts his hand under the stone to ensure that the results do not result in catastrophe in the region and in the whole time stream. Perhaps this is precisely why Jonas is inevitably involved in the events and inevitably turns into Adam.


Claudia Tiedemann, one of the overly intrusive characters of the Sic Mundus sect and the second season narrative, where time travel is essential. Although it is a bit difficult to understand the basic motivation of Claudia, who is the director of the nuclear power plant, and to empathize at the point we understand, it is certain that Claudia wants her daughter Regina to survive. Because Regina gets cancer for a reason we don’t fully understand why, and it’s probably connected to the nuclear power plant that Claudia is managing, because in some way Claudia thinks she can prevent it. But, of course, like our other main characters, he understands that when he travels through time only to change a regret about his own life or something that goes wrong, he actually plays a much bigger role. So much so that when Jonas travels through time to warn his suicide father before he dies, Claudia appears old, and that Michael (or should we say little Mikkel’s time travel?) Should die, much bigger than Jonas thought. he says he has a purpose. Immediately convinced, Jonas, Michael does not actually think of suicide in the mind of death is going to put the idea. While this chain of events actually does not explain anything clearly, it also allows us to make a definitive judgment on a subject; if events are intervened, those events intervene in the intervening party. Dark Season 2 reminds us of this promise over and over again.

dark ile ilgili görsel sonucu
As we follow this whole detective story and try to make sense of the events, we watch our other hard-boiled detective Jonas, who is involved in everything, as well as the other detective Charlotte, who keeps his distance by looking at everything from the outside. Although Ulrich’s partner Charlotte thinks he’s innocent and totally out of the question, he begins to learn that as time goes by (!) His family is actually at the center of all the events. Soon after we find out that her father is Noah, we find out that her mother is Elizabeth Doppler, who is also Charlotte’s daughter! We find a similar paradox when we learn that Mikkel is actually Michael’s childhood, in which case Hannah’s character is Mikkel and Ulrich, both Michael’s wife, and Ulrich’s father. It leads to an oedipus complex. In short, Mikkel marries Hannah, her father’s lover, years later (!), And from that marriage, Jonas, the character of Jonas, is born that blows our dark narrative universe. What a mythology!

dark ile ilgili görsel sonucu

While Charlotte seems to be the daughter of her own daughter with a similar cycle, Dark explains this paradox by creating a quantum-like explanation of an ever-present self over all characters. At this point, one of the best things the series can sustain is whether it considers what can be described as an extremely large taboo from a moral place. Jonas and Jonas from the future, which everyone and everyone knows as “strangers Jon, ask young Jonas why he doesn’t control himself, even though he knows Martha is actually his aunt, and then he answers the question himself: emezs You can’t control your desire.” Noah, our corporate figure of religion, who cannot stop appearing at an age, makes a similar statement: iz We cannot choose our movements, we do not have such freedom. Because we cannot choose our desires. La In this extremely Lacanian approach, beyond being a goddess, in a very pro-truth discourse, the Dark Season 2 actually makes very serious judgments on the laws and rules of humanity.

Dark Season 2 offers a narrative that we want to explain everything in terms of structure and number of characters but we cannot explain anything, while adding a “another world sonunda to the concept of tutarlı another world kavram at the end of the second season, which is consistent in its universe. the world is possible.

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