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Construction Project Manager Resume Example [For 2020]


Construction Project Manager Resume Example [For 2020]

As a construction project manager, you are responsible for large-scale projects.

You will undoubtedly encounter many problems along the way.

But maybe you didn’t expect to meet this early: your resume.

Creating a resume is often difficult, but especially for someone taking on the construction project manager role.

After all, how would you show your project management skills, construction knowledge, and leadership ability?

There are many questions to answer, but don’t worry, just follow our step-by-step guide for:

In this guide you will discover:

  • An example of a winning construction project manager continues
  • How to create a resume that hiring managers love?
  • All of the latest tips and tricks to make your resume stand out

Not inspired yet?

Here is an example of a construction project manager resume created with our own resume maker:

construction project manager resume example

Build Yours Now

Keep reading this guide to create a resume that looks better (or better) than the example above!

How to Format a Construction Project Manager Resume

Before we get into the juicy details, you should decide on the best format.

Ultimately, the hiring manager will think twice before hiring a project manager with a badly formatted resume.

Remember, your resume is your first chance to impress your future employer, so it needs to be professional.

The most common resume format is “reverse chronological” so we recommend you start with this one:

construction project manager reverse chronological resume format

Two other resume formats you might want to try are:

  • Functional Resume – If you are skilled but lacking in experience, this is the format for you. The functional resume focuses on skills, making it ideal for individuals with no experience or gaps in employment backgrounds.
  • Combination Resume – If you have both the skills and work experience, you may want to try a combination resume. Combination resume combines both reverse chronological and functional formats.

Once you’ve decided on the format, you need to get your resume layout right.

Here is a brief summary of what we recommend:

  • Margins – One inch margins on each side
  • Font – Choose a font that stands out, but not too much.
  • Font Size – Use a font size of 11-12pt for normal text and 14-16pt for headings
  • Line Spacing – Use 1.0 or 1.15 line spacing
  • Continue Length – Do not exceed the 1 page limit. Having trouble getting everything on one page? Check out these one-page resume templates.

Use a Construction Project Manager Template

Have you ever made a resume using a regular text editor?

If so, you probably agree with us: it’s pain.

To start with, you have to struggle with formatting longer than it takes to write content.

Then, when everything is perfect, you make one change and BAM! Your entire resume is falling into pieces.

To bypass the headache, try using a construction project manager free resume template.

What to Include in a Construction Project Manager Resume

The main sections on a construction project manager resume are:

  • Contact Information
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

If you want your resume to stand out more, you can also try these optional sections:

  • Awards & Certification
  • Projects
  • Languages
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Volunteer Experience

Now, let’s go over each section and explain how to write each one.

Not sure which partitions to use? Check out our What to Include in Resume guide.

How to Get Your Contact Information Section Right

The most important element of your entire CV is the communication section. After all, the whole purpose of the resume is to get them to contact you! So, triple check that you haven’t made any typos.

Add the following for your contacts:

  • Name surname
  • Title – Make this specific to the task you are applying for, in this case “Construction Project Manager”
  • Phone Number – Double check this then triple check. A little mistake can really ruin your chances
  • E-mail Address – Avoid using a professional e-mail address (ad.lastad@gmail.com) and creating e-mail in 5th grade (mikelovescake@gmail.com).
  • Location – Applying for a job abroad? Mention your location

Correct Example:

  • Josh Fakester – Construction Project Manager. 101-358-6095. jfakester@gmail.com

Wrong Example:

  • Josh Fakester – Construction King. 101-358-6095. joshlikespizza@gmail.com

How to Write a Construction Project Manager Resume Summary or Objective

The job market is tough.

And since every job posting receives hundreds of resumes, it shouldn’t be surprising that recruiters spend less than 6 seconds reviewing each resume!

This means only one thing:

Your CV should get the attention of the recruiter right away!

But how can you do that?

The answer is simple: use a resume summary or goal.

As a quick introduction, both the resume summary and goal are short, quick sections at the top of your resume, just below the contact information section.

The main difference between the 2 sections is:

The resume summary is a 2-4-sentence summary of your professional experience as a construction project manager.

Construction Project Manager Resume Summary Example

  • Guided project manager with more than 5 years of construction experience for corporate and private clients. Strong track record in meeting budget requirements and timeline goals. Passionate and ready to lead large-scale construction projects for Company X.A resume goal, on the other hand, is a 2-4-sentence snapshot of your professional goals and aspirations.

Construction Project Manager Resume Objective Example

  • A motivated architectural engineer graduate looking for work at Building Company X. Experience planning and coordinating projects on private construction sites in Boston. Good at budgeting, problem solving, communication and organizing.So which one should you use in your resume?

    Construction managers often have a lot of experience, so a resume summary is the best and most frequently used option.

    Resume goals are more suitable for those who work in construction but never hold a management position, or those who are in a management position but are not on construction.

How to Make Your Construction Project Manager Work Experience Stand Out

Needless to say, your work experience is the most important part of your resume.

And when going for a management role with a lot of responsibility, the hiring manager will want to see you “been there and doing”.

Here’s how to properly structure your work experience department:

  • Position Name
  • Company name
  • History
  • Responsibilities and Achievements

It should look like this in practice:

Construction Project Manager

Construkt Inc. 

01/2015 – 06/2019

  • 10 sites watched daily to check progress
  • Daily transfer of responsibility to 34 personnel
  • Keep all projects on budget while always preparing for unplanned costs
  • Managed a healthy relationship between key stakeholders and customers

As you can notice, the example emphasizes not only daily tasks but achievements as well.

So instead of saying:

“Managed authority”


“Delegation of daily responsibility to 34 personnel”

What’s the difference here?

The second quote is more specific. It creates an image in the reader’s mind that allows them to see the benefits of hiring you for the job. You know exactly what the person is doing and can say that he is trustworthy.

The first example doesn’t go into enough detail. Sure, you were in charge of authorization, but readers can’t tell how many people you delegated and how often.

Use Action Words to Make Your Construction Project Manager Resume POP!

  • “Responsible for”
  • “Worked in”
  • “Created”

These are just a few of the most common words you’ll find on ANY project manager resume.

And because you want to be different, we recommend avoiding them whenever possible.

Instead, use some of these powerful words to highlight your responsibilities and achievements:

  • Conceptualized
  • Designed
  • Devised
  • Determined
  • Drafted
  • Formulated
  • Introduced
  • Initiated
  • Launched
  • Originated
  • Spearheaded

How to List Your Education Correctly

The next section on any construction project manager resume is “Education”.

Here, all you have to do is list your tutorial entries and you’re ready!

  • Degree Type & Major
  • University Name
  • Years Studied
  • GPA, Honours, Main Courses, Thesis

And here’s a practical example:

B.A. in Construction Project Management

Boston State University


  • Related Courses: Fundamentals of Construction Project Management, Construction Estimation and Documentation, Building Construction Drawing, Creating Construction Plans, OSHA Standards, MEP Plans and Specifications, Mechanical and Electrical Systems.
  • GPA: 3.8

Before we move on to the next section, here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about education:

What if I am still in education?

  • Whether or not you are still working, you should mention all the courses you have started.

Do I include my high school education in this section?

  • Only if this is your highest educational qualification. If you have a construction degree, the hiring manager will not be interested in your high school education.

Should I prioritise education or experience?

  • Do you have relevant work experience? Then they go to the hillDo you still have questions? See our guide on how to list training on a resume.

Top 12 Skills for a Construction Project Manager Resume

When the hiring manager looks at your resume, he wants to see that you are very talented.

As you can see, hiring managers will be informed on what skills to look for.

The danger is that if you don’t list your skills, the hiring manager will likely skip your resume entirely.

Do you need inspiration?

Here are some of the most common construction project manager skills: What should a project manager put on resume?,#How do you write a construction manager resume?,#What does a project manager for a construction company do?,#What is the best resume format to use in 2020?,#What are employers looking for in a resume 2020?,#How do I get my resume noticed?,#What qualifications do I need to be a construction project manager?,#What are 3 critical skills a project manager needs to succeed?,#How do I become a successful construction project manager?,#What skills do you need to be a construction manager?,#What skills do construction project managers need?,#How do you write a superintendent for a construction resume?,#What employers look for in a project manager?,#What qualifies as project management experience?,#How do you present a project on a resume?,#What are the most important skills for a project manager?,#Are project managers in demand?,#How do you list project management skills on a resume?,#What are the 3 skills of a manager?,#What makes a great construction manager?,#Is Project Manager a stressful job?,#Can you get a PMP without a degree?,#What are the best qualifications for a project manager?,#How much does a building project manager earn?

Hard Skills for a Construction Project Manager:

  • Project management & planning
  • Commercial & residential development
  • Job site health & occupational safety
  • Civil engineering
  • Pipeline asset management
  • Building codes and regulations

Soft Skills for a Construction Project Manager:

  • Communication
  • Negotiations
  • Team building
  • Leadership
  • Stress tolerance
  • Risk management

Pro Tip:

  • Now, soft skills are important to a management position, but we usually recommend you don’t overdo it with them. General social skills are more difficult to back up and therefore each resume includes the same soft skills listed.Are you looking for the most comprehensive list? Check out our mega-list of over 150 must-have skills.

Other Resume Sections You Can Include

At this point, you’re probably looking at your resume with pride and ready to post.

But wait, does your resume stand strong among the sea of resumes?

Imagine this: There are ten applicants with similar skills and experience, but three of the applicants went a step further and talked about their successful portfolio, who do you think is getting the interview?

Yes, those with portfolio.

The truth is, there are a few more sections you can add to your resume, let’s look at a few:

Awards & Certifications

Did you win a competition during your studies?

Have you won an award in your previous job?

Have you completed a few courses on Coursera?

If you’ve won one or five, don’t forget to mention them on your resume!

Awards & Certificates

  • “Best Presentation” – Boston University
  • “Learning How to Learn” – Coursera Certificate
  • AGC Certified


Passionate about all-inclusive construction?

This is great! This is what your hiring manager likes to hear.

And the best way to showcase your passion is with a project.

Whether it’s a college-grade project or a personal side job, HR wants to know more.

Here are the types of projects you can mention:

  • Managing your own small scale construction project
  • University where you manage a team project


Now, a second language is rarely a requirement when going into the construction project manager role.

However, being able to speak more than one language is always impressive.

While this is not an essential part of your resume, if you have room, go ahead!

Be sure to divide the languages by proficiency:

  • Native
  • Fluent
  • Proficient
  • Intermediate
  • Basic

Interests & Hobbies

You enjoy managing construction projects, but why does the hiring manager need to know your passion for climbing over the weekend?

It says something about who you are as a person. It makes you more relatable and human.

As you can see, the company is looking for someone to enjoy working with.

Not sure what hobbies and interests you want to talk about? We have a guide for that!

Include a Cover Letter with Your Resume

Following the tips in this guide will give you one of the best resumes the hiring manager will read.

But is that enough?

What if another applicant goes a step further by adding a cover letter?

Then you are in trouble.

You see, cover letters are still very important.

Cover letters show the recruiter that you are not only willing to send your resume to every company out there, but are willing to work for that exact position.

Therefore, adding a cover letter with your resume can significantly increase your chances of getting this hard job.

As with preparing your CV, you must first get the structure of your cover letter correctly. Here’s how to do this:

cover letter structure construction project manager

Here’s how to craft a winning Cover Letter:

Contact Details

Your personal contact information, including full name, profession, email, phone number, location, website.

Hiring Manager’s Contact Information

Full name, position, location, email

Opening Paragraph

Write a powerful introduction that instantly captures the reader’s attention. The opening paragraph should indicate …

  • The exact position you are applying for
  • Your summary of experience and your best achievements to date

The Body

After you connect the hiring manager, you can review the rest of your history. Some of the points you can mention here are:

  • Why do you want to work for the company
  • What do you know about the company’s beliefs and culture
  • What are your best skills and how do they benefit the company?
  • You have previously worked in similar industries or positions

Closing Paragraph

This is where you:

  • End the points specified in the body paragraph
  • Thank the hiring manager for his time
  • Finish with a call to action to continue the conversation. Something like “I would like to discuss more about how my experience as X can help the company with Y”

Formal Salutations

Use a formal closure such as “Yours sincerely” or “Yours sincerely.”

Creating a cover letter is difficult and not worth taking chances. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter.

Key Takeaways

So, a winning construction project manager resume is created this way! Just follow the steps in this guide to get your dream role. Before we go, let’s take a quick review of everything you learned today:

  • Your construction project manager choose the right format for your resume. If you have experience, you should use an inverse chronological format. Follow best practices for layout.
  • Use a resume summary or goal to get employer attention
  • Your work experience department should talk more about your achievements rather than your responsibilities.
  • Build a solid portfolio of your best work.
    Provide a cover letter explaining why you are the best for the construction project manager job.

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