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Computer capable of playing music in sleep mode


Computer capable of playing music in sleep mode

ThinkBook 13s, one of the world’s leading computer manufacturers, Lenovo’s new products, the design of the sleep mode with the ability to send notifications to users and can play music is attracting attention.

Lenovo’s new ThinkBook 13s features a sleek design, aluminum case and 1.4 kg. weight, while the 15.9 mm thin computer is seen as a lightweight. The easy-to-carry ThinkBook 13s is powered by the Intel core i7 processor.

The product features Dolby Audio with Harman speakers. The products that offer high sound quality with Harman also come with Full HD screens with Dolby Vision technology.

Like a mobile phone, the Lenovo ThinkBook 13s gets updates when the screen is off, notifications arrive and one-touch calls can be answered. It allows you to see the notification received from your phone from your computer. It also has a fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button just like the mobile phone.

The “Modern Standby” feature wakes up your notebook in less than 0.5 seconds and allows you to download emails and listen to music even while your notebook is asleep. A fingerprint reader, like a phone, logs in with one touch and activates the screen. Fast charging technology prevents you from needing to connect the device to the wall outlet while on the move. With the Skype keys on the keyboard, Skype calls can be made with these keys as quickly as possible.

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