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Causes of Infertility in Men


Causes of Infertility in Men

The infertility problem experienced by men is a health problem which prevents obstacles to having children and also affects psychology very negatively. Infertility is a disease that does not necessarily mean that manhood is incomplete. Thanks to modern medicine practices, infertility problem can be eliminated in men and they can have children. Especially in vitro fertilization can have children with infertility problems.

Depending on the causes of infertility, it is a permanent problem and can be treated with medication. However, the reasons for infertility should be determined by the doctor and appropriate treatment methods should be applied.

What is infertility? It is the inability to produce enough sperm in the reproductive organ in men and consequently not having children.

The factors that cause infertility in men are as follows:

1- Genetic factors: Unfortunately, there is no treatment for infertility caused by genetic conditions. However, people can easily have children through IVF.

2- Hormonal causes: Infertility problem occurs due to irregular functioning of hormone glands or not. Drug treatment is possible and after the treatment process can have children naturally.

3- Use of drugs and harmful substances: Some anti-depressant drugs lead to infertility and cause a decrease in sperm count. Alcohol and smoking are also among the causes of infertility. By abandoning the use of these drugs and substances, you can have children naturally after a short drug treatment.

4- Diseases: Especially diabetes is an important condition that leads to infertility. Diabetes can be genetic or later. Diabetic patients can be provided with in vitro fertilization method.

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In addition to all these important reasons, it leads to infertility in psychological causes. Severe stress conditions affect the hormones negatively and consequently decrease the sperm count. This problem can be eliminated in a short time with the elimination of stress-causing conditions and medication.

However, the problem of infertility due to the changes in hormones and genes due to being in heavy radiation environments cannot be treated and these people can only be provided with in vitro fertilization method.

In this article we have given you information about the causes of infertility in men we hope it was useful.

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