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Cancer Invitation Card Some products! Can These Cause Cancer?


Cancer Invitation Card Some products! Can These Cause Cancer?

The lifestyle that arises with various habits, such as smoking and holding the sun on the beach for long periods of time, can sometimes take you to the edge of illness, especially cancer.

Some of the things we use in our daily lives stimulate cells by dividing them faster than normal speed or by interfering with the transcription process of the template version, damaging their DNA and transforming them into cancerous cells. In some cases, the disease may be hereditary if the family history is positive.

Tobacco products

Products such as cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco are made from dried tobacco leaves. Many additives and flavors are added in the form of chemical mixtures to enhance the taste of smoking and enhance the taste.

Tobacco smoke has seven thousand known chemicals, including seventy nicotine, ammonia, methanol, benzene, formaldehyde, toxic gas, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, cadmium, arsenic and nitrosamines. All of these are fatal in nature, affecting other body parts.


In 1997, the US Department of Health and Human Services listed many alcoholic beverages that were carcinogenic to many alcohol-related cancer deaths. The information gathered from the new data reminds that moderate consumption of alcohol causes cancer in the short or long term.

Reported cases of alcohol-related cancer deaths are esophageal cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer.

Bottled water

Demands always pass around chemicals added to packaged drinks, water and food. For example, if bottles were previously stored in a sunny location, there is a message circulating between them that provides information about the risk of bottled water cancer. But like many other things, this is a deception. However, researchers are concerned about the bisphenol A (BPA) chemical used as the inner lining of many packaged substances.

Currently, there is no strong evidence that BPA causes cancer in people with low daily concentrations. It is not easy to avoid BPA in developed countries as food cans and heat sensitive receipt paper contain thin films.

Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Aluminum-based compounds are added to antiperspirants and deodorants. These compounds prevent sweat from reaching the surface by making small blockages in the channels. As a result, the body absorbs these compounds which are capable of stimulating the growth of cancer cells by mimicking a hormone called estrogen. In frequent use,

In frequent use, the commonly affected area is that the breast area is close to the armpits and thus causes breast cancer.


The problem of lung cancer is a global problem, there is no place in the world to escape. Air pollution is a complex mixture of hazardous substances released from a nearby source. While some natural pollutants are North African deserts and Radon gas dust, artificial pollutants are dusts released from industrial, transportation, cooking and fossil fuel power plants.

The UK has a relatively low level of air pollution compared to other countries, with the exception of cities such as Glasgow and London, but the possibility of indoor pollution from cigarette and radon gas still affects children by 20%.


Fluorides are compounds that combine the element fluorine with a metallic substance. Mostly added to toothpaste, rinsed in the mouth, some foods and other drinks. There has been controversy since it was first launched in the United States. Research is ongoing, but there is no explanation from the American Cancer Society that there is no proven link between their use and cancer risk.

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