April Fools’ Day 2020: Top Funny Memes for Today


April Fools’ Day 2020: Top Funny Memes for Today

Everything looks very different when dealing with April Fools’ Day and a coronavirus outbreak. Here’s a look at the best memes for April Fools’ Day 2020.

Some memes try to keep things open even during an epidemic. In fact, perhaps this should be National Memes Day rather than just April Fools Day.

Kaden Nay@NayNay2022

My friend argues if we should cancel April Fools Day, just do National Breast Day. Then we can send memes to another without any damage. #aprilfoolsday

00:32 – 1 Apr 2020
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If you want to avoid April Fools’ messages completely, say goodbye to March and share a light hearted meme.

Jesselle Santos @ heartofjess Instagram Profile
Hopefully when we wake up tomorrow, this epidemic is part of April Fools.

What a March !!! It’s been a period!
BG from the Internet, the breast created by me.


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Some of the memes today are quite dark.



It’s my day.

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Or just share this nozzle about fear of what people have to say on April Fools’ Day. Let’s wish people enjoy.

J?ey Bag ?f D?nuts ?@joeybagovdonuts

Prepare yourself for Coronavirus April Fools Memes

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Most developers have avoided the advice of April Fools this year, which is a good show for the times we were in. This is a really well evaluated entertainment. You did a good job, Blizzard. Check out the new designs below.
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Just keep it lighthearted today.

A cat meme is always fun.

Just make sure your jokes aren’t in poor taste, OK?

Interestingly, according to History.com, the origin of April Fools’ Day still remains a mystery. Some think that the Julian calendar began around 1582, with the transition to the Gregorian calendar. That is why people who celebrated the new year on the wrong date were exposed to many jokes. Rome also organized a festival called Hilaria at the end of March, where people were disguised. So it may have reached what we know as many April traditions today.

Taylor Swift Facts @ blessedswifty
5 years ago today, Taylor Swift tweeted “TRUST TO ANYONE” during #AprilFools Day.
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A good rule of thumb is to rely on anything you read or see online.

Tiger King A Good April Fools’ Breast

If you are looking for a safe April Fools breast today, why not try Memes related to the Netflix documentary Tiger King? These are pretty safe.
Warning: There will be some Tiger King spoilers in this section.

Deenie ☕????@deenieshats

I have nothing. Nothing is crazy than real life right now.

What would you guess when someone showed you this breast a year ago and asked what it meant?

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Deenie ☕????

Or share the Tiger King nozzles instead of April Fools and completely forget about April Fools. This will be a more enjoyable choice for many people.

Nico Correia @ notn1co photos and videos on Instagram

The most relative part of Tiger King

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5,520 people are talking about it
Or what about this moment?
Elysia Nocida @ elysianocida photos and videos on Instagram
* The worker is taking his arm off by a tiger *

Joe Exotic: # KaplanKing

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Ahki Zaki ?@Moparis__

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Kate ?⚓️❤️@Kateseptember

This is how I’m going to greet everyone on Zoom from now on.

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Here’s another fun meme.


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If you haven’t watched Tiger King yet, just watch that instead of trying to find the perfect April Fools’ meme.
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Alright, here we go……ready to see what all the talk is about ??‍♂️

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Be Mindful of What’s Going on in the World When You Make Your Jokes Today

Remember, when sharing memes and making jokes today, try to show the appropriate “etiquette” to speak. Remember that some people are sick, have lost loved ones to the virus, or may have loved those who are sick right now. So don’t light any of them. Here is a handy guide explaining what Redditor is on track and what is not.

When planning jokes today, do not claim that you or someone you know is sick. Don’t post false information about fake treatments, vaccinations, or antidotes. Avoid fake jokes about places that can sell items that are really hard to get right now, such as toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Remember to keep things open.

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