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8 Simple Measures for Businesses Against Cyber Attacks


8 Simple Measures for Businesses Against Cyber Attacks

As people who follow computer security issues know that sites that contain malicious software are quite common. According to Google’s data, the number of sites seized by hackers has increased by 35% compared to last year. Increases in cybercrime in recent years show that security experts need to take their jobs more seriously than before.

We wanted to explain the most well-known methods of hacking by compiling an article about how to avoid being the target of hackers, so that you can take your own precaution.

Here are 8 methods used to hack the internet you need to know;

1) Easy to guess passwords

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed in the field of computer security for more than 30 years, it’s also weak, easy-to-guess or not-written passwords. These are the elements of cybercrime and hacking. Strong, easy-to-remember and brute-force attacks (automatic password test attacks) against the most important security measures can be taken to determine the password.

If possible, a two-step authentication method should be used for access to important sections such as administrator login to increase security.

2) Social engineering

Another security issue next to weak passwords is simple human psychology. The indication of this is how easy it is for people to be tricked into giving attackers access to their systems. According to Google, 45% of the attacks to achieve the password are successful! The time you will spend informing yourself, the training you will receive and avoiding these attacks will be cheaper and better choice than buying new equipment.

3) Unscheduled (unclosed) security holes

How to protect from hackingInternet server, anti-malware software, network operating system and other software products to keep the importance of up-to-date, is too much. Day by day it has become the most important task of IT professionals to apply patches that oppose the deficits. Otherwise, you may be exposed to threats.

Self-updating network equipment alleviates this burden. But when it comes to servers, it is entirely the administrator’s responsibility.

4) Advertising viruses

When you click on the ad that contains the virus on a page, what might happen might surprise you. All your staff, especially your IT staff should pay attention to the sites they visit on the internet so that malware does not infect your system. Company-wide ad blockers or lists of secure websites greatly reduce the likelihood of this happening.

5) Uncleaned old entries

While this may seem like a problem that should have been finished in the 2000s, many websites still do not clean up old data entries. This causes many problems, from data loss to providing open doors to attackers. Every code to be written to your database must be checked for situations such as corrupting other codes or causing a security vulnerability.

6) Not using HTTPS

In a nutshell: there is no sensible reason to use a secure unencrypted website. Yes, switching to HTTPS can cost a little time and money, but it’s worth the security you get. In addition, search engine optimization sites that use HTTPS is thought to be one step ahead.

7) Disclosure of non-confidential websites

Another method of passive attack, as the public has said, is Google Dorking. This method is a combination of detailed search methods, which Google uses to unearth sites that are not seen by users. Fortunately, this is an easy method to avoid. If you have a well-organized robots.txt file, you can avoid unwanted indexing.

8) Insecure attachments

measures against website hacking methodsIf you use sites on WordPress or other open platforms, of course, you know that many add-ons and themes can be customized. Unfortunately, many of them are also dangerous. Never install a theme or add-on that you don’t know the source of and you are not sure about. It is highly likely that your passwords will be stolen or worse. Doing a little research is the best way to protect yourself.

Security required to everyone!

If we’ve been focusing on security lately, it’s because cyber security is one of the most debated issues in the online world. This is a threat to you and every user who visits your website. In fact, cyber security is literally “we’re all involved” and every business that raises the security level makes the Internet more powerful.

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