2019 december horoscope reviews


2019 december horoscope reviews

2019  Aries Horoscope

Welcome to December, where you say goodbye to 2019. A month in which you will think deeply and sift through the last few years is waiting for you. You’re going to close a year from where I’ve seen what I’ve seen. Especially the first two weeks of the month will be very productive. As a hardworking Aries who want to shape the year 2020, you don’t stand idle. The transition of Jupiter to earth sign, the fact that the Sun is in the sign of fire in the first weeks of the month, can be the forerunner of investment, heritage issues and additional works. Jupiter offers an extra blink opportunity when entering the soil group team at the end of the year. With the proposal from his wife’s family, the summer of 2020 will already be shaped. He stresses that nothing will progress as narrowed, restricted, stuck as before.

If you are an Aries who recently terminated your relationship, you will often find yourself thinking about your girlfriend. Although you want to open a page for yourself, you can succumb to your curiosity. However, this situation may cause you to be upset again, says Dome of the Sky. If you are a married Aries, you may encounter situations that will trigger your feelings of suspicion and jealousy. This situation may cause a serious opening of your spouse.

The last Full Moon of the year, December 12th, allows you to move to slightly different channels. In November, you created a little backdrop, and nowadays you can progress in training, short-term seminars, supportive hobbies and courses. There are people you will be referring to, bringing together a reputable environment. Those you support in business and social terms can often speak of you with admiration these days. You’re going to want to give your work a new direction. Especially if you are an Aries unsatisfied with your job, you will make your job applications more frequent these days. As your desire to increase living standards increases, you will be determined to secure your position and financial gains. You can embark on long-term responsibilities by taking the Sun behind you as you pass the earth sign on December 22nd. Taking a home in a luxurious neighborhood, lending for a sports car, creating an overseas opportunity for your own education plan can be the foundation of 2020. The solar eclipse, which allows you to listen to yourself, will support you with positive messages. Making money with your talent, changing your profession thanks to your speaking skills, bringing together the discreet side of the family and the family, throwing hands on heritage issues in cold blood, changing the city with great courage, the universe is approaching you to walk or use.

In December, you will make minor changes in your living space. By relocating items in the house, you can provide refreshment and innovation. You can create a beautiful program with your brother if you have one. Together, short trips, tours to strengthen the bond between you will help a lot. Beware of influenza infections this month! You should turn to healthy, vitamin-rich foods that protect the immune system. The year 2020 opens the big doors. I wish that those who pass through their hearts will be a year in which their intentions will be realized.

Agenda of December: You will protect your earnings.

The charm of love: Jealousy will raise your feelings.

Sex: You will be the director.

2019 December Taurus Sign

As you prepare to leave behind a year of intense emotional ups and downs, you’ll notice that in December you’ve become more calm. If you have a relationship with a communication problem, you will not make much effort to explain yourself. As you enter into a state of consent, your lover may have doubts and delusions in the face of this behavior. If you’re a Taurus that hasn’t had a relationship in a long time, you’re gonna want your heart to open. Saying hello to love again, ordering will come to the fore. Don’t worry, the sky’s surprises will surprise you. If you are a married Taurus, some situations about your wife’s family will invite you to tense days. Trying to lead your marriage by others and your wife being insensitive about it can lead you to make sharp exits.

If you are a Taurus born in the first two weeks of April; you can be in the decision stage in marriage and long-term relationships. At this stage, you pass on your troubles to people you trust. You can go on a winter vacation to avoid curious looks and questions. You’il realize that the people you never thought were supportive. You listen to the problem, but this time your language is discreet to share with the influence of the new moon opens. Watch out, people can take your word elsewhere. You should know that it is potentially open to perception management. In December, you sit at a desk discussing your relationships, family weakness behind the scenes, developments about yourself. Until December 12th, you can collect your money and debts and receivables in a list. As a Taurus who prefers to be caught in the wind of change of Uranus, you will not want the slightest dust crumbs of your past to remain a problem.

You will set new goals by protecting your living standards. Saving is gaining value for you this month. In this respect, you can limit the expenditures that you think are unnecessary. If you are a Taurus who does your own business, certain problems with your employees may arise. You should take care not to skip issues such as insurance, annual leave, additional payment, and state support. In this respect, you can limit the expenditures that you think are unnecessary. The last eclipse of the year will take place in the land sign. The solar eclipse determines the spirit of 2020 from 26 December. Your desire to come forward, to convey what you know, to look at new ideas can bring you opportunities at the end of this tremendous development. In this way, you can strengthen your position in society.

With all this, in December, you will re-examine your goals. While you think that some of your desires are not very realistic, you will set new goals for yourself. You can acquire habits that are good for your health, life rhythm. You can head to sports such as yoga, pilates and swimming. As you prepare to enter a new year, you won’t want to leave anything bad behind. Saying goodbye to the people who have deeply wounded your heart, let you down, are selfish; you will show your love and affection to those you are wholeheartedly. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will make a past sponge.

Love charm: Love will warm your heart.

Sex: You will listen to the sound inside.

2019 December Gemini Horoscope

From time to time, sweet hectic, pleasing, high emotion from time to time behind a difficult and tiring year to be ready. In December we feel the winter weather to our soaking, while the sky will never stop. It will increase the acumen of feeling that you will crown the reward of the difficulties you have experienced in recent months with good days. Some changes of close friends in December will not be missed. You will be quite surprised that your friend, whom you meet frequently, meets with people whom he says never meet and who does not like him. You can even sense your friend being distant to you.

If you’re a Gemini with a marriage problem and you’ve decided to get a divorce, should I give you another chance? You can fall into the query. It will be advantageous that you do not act impulsively and do not make hasty decisions. If you’re a Gemini in preparation for marriage, the choices you make for the winter wedding might be a little tiring. If you want everything to be perfect, it will turn you into an elaborate spirit. If you’re a non-affiliated Gemini, the person you’re going to meet this month can impress you with both his speech and his stance. While taking cautious approaches, you will also try to measure the other side’s pulse. On the other hand, you may be surprised at the confession of love this month for someone who has long liked you.

If you work in a business where competition and ambition are high, you can witness some of your colleagues having gossip and speeches as soon as they happen. In this process, those who pretend to work hard and try to make the labor of others as their own will come forward. If you are working in a partnership and you have been experiencing major economic problems for a while, this month’s deal and business will help you relax. There are also important developments regarding receivables and payments. The money you loaned months ago could get you. If you have real estate, you can come up with trading issues this month. If you are a Gemini with a continuing education, you will decide to further reinforce your professional and personal development. You can turn to foreign language education, technology-based courses and certificates.

In December you will enter 2020, the sudden news you will receive from time to time in a hectic atmosphere, it is a matter of time to make new decisions. You can get some shocking information about a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. In the family, issues of inheritance may be raised. You’re going to see that money makes you even offended. If you have plans to go abroad, you can do some in-depth research on how to travel. With all of this, Gök Dome wants you to see and evaluate the opportunities that may come up this month. In particular, you can get opportunities for additional benefits. Starting a business without saying big or small can help you to make good profits in the long run. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will say hello to the change.

The charm of love: Confessions will surprise you.

Sex: The quest for trust is at the forefront!

2019 December Cancer Cancer

Say hello to the last month of 2019. December is waiting for you to leave a high year behind. The dome points to a bear where you can question your emotions and think about how to make your life better. The eclipse in the 7th house, which will be experienced in the last days of the month, will emphasize the solar eclipse at the beginning of the year. Therefore, it will show its reflections and effects before they occur. You will reconsider your resources, your loved ones, your feelings, your view of life. When you look back, you’ll realize how much this year’s been messing with you, changing it, transforming it.

You’il listen to your heart in December. If you’re an unrelated Cancer, and you like someone, you’il try to show your feelings. Even if you’re a person who can’t easily reflect your feelings, even the steps you take will surprise you. If you are a long-term Cancer, your doubts about your relationship may increase in the process. Especially if you have an unhappy association, your heart may tend to someone else! Your heart will challenge your mind! If you’re a Cancer with a recent relationship, you may find out that your ex was trying to reach you. As you ponder the issues of forgiveness and reunion, you will make it clear that you do not want to make concessions from your limits.

As of this month, another one moved to the planets I mentioned earlier. That’s Jupiter. Now it’s time to formulate your passions. How Does? You’ll find that December 2019 loves you very much. If you’re a Cancer who hasn’t regained his freedom in material matters, don’t panic because during this eclipse there is a New Moon in front of the Sun. You can sign the successes you have always dreamed of starting this month. So you can find the opportunity in the sky in front of you. You’re going to start getting involved again with education. You may want to specialize in a completely different field, or you can take action for your education.

As the sun moves into its 7th home on December 22, the simultaneous mixing of the world may raise feelings. During this period, the lives of family members will take sharp bends. If you are a Cancer born between 1988 and 1990, you are in Saturn’s Capricorn. With this effect, you will think that this month has been the most important period of your life. If you think you’ve been behind your back for a while, you can witness the unexpected conversations between December 21-30, and learn the true thoughts of everyone. Dear Crab, don’t think the doors are closed because you’re going into a time when it’s gonna open. In this process, you may be exposed to strong winds. But the dome will try to strengthen its delicate nature. While the sky offers new ways, the earth will bring sharp lines for the order. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will walk to success.

Your love charm: You will question your feelings

Sex: You will show your extraordinary and passionate.

2019 December Leo Horoscope

December, where you will begin to move away from the weights that exhaust your heart and the questions that intrigue your mind, brings with it strong emotions. In this last month of 2019, you can make ambitious decisions. You will try to determine what is missing in your life, what is causing you obstacles. It is on the agenda for sudden trips in December. The news you will receive, business issues, and the returns you will receive from your applications may bring certain changes to your life. Balances may change in terms of relationships. You are the ultimate in authoritarian structures, career homes, freedom.

December 2019 is actually preparing you for your future. You didn’t feel a bit upset, you didn’t break, you forgot the number of life you had set up from the beginning. Everything is left behind. The eclipse cycle says goodbye to you for a long time. Your emotions and goals will also gain meaning. You’il feel alive. If you’re an unrelated Leo, you’re going to feel the need to show your limits right from the beginning as love comes to you. This situation can obviously push the other party to worry. You can rasp your sharp side a little bit more. If you’re a Leo with a long-time relationship, the surprise your lover will cause will be emotional. You will realize that you are undoubtedly in doubt on some issues and you will begin to get rid of your interrogations.

While bringing a balance to the service and work area, you take all the issues that you are worried about one by one. Those who discover their hardworking and stable structure will appreciate you. If you’re looking for a public business opportunity these days, you’ve got plenty of luck… Assignments, appointments, academic studies, healthcare developments can offer you good opportunities. You can get good news from the results that go wrong in your health. A small operation can end your illness. Changes may occur in the working office, the sector and even the professional unit. If you are a Leo doing your own business, new agreements, overseas related situations may come up. You’il have the opportunity to expand your business. There may not be rapid advances in this matter, but thanks to your strong communication, you can take important steps in the following stages. With all this, you can start saving by this month. If you have been opening savings accounts like gold, foreign exchange for a while, you can take action.

The last eclipse of the year will take place in the land sign. As of December 21st, the Sun’s aligned phase will open completely different doors in life. It’s easy to say, you leave 2,5 years behind. Don’t forget to write your thoughts on Astrodeftere from December 21st. Eclipse may accompany emotional change. There is a sky that guides you how 2020 began for you. Your logic will win, you will be able to manage your emotion. Anger, stubbornness has taken on many different colors and you will find yourself braking on these issues. You deserve to welcome the constructive, effective, open 2020 year of joy and peace. You’ve been able to see what happened to you in detail this year. Anything that’s cornered you since 2016 will be far from you. You’re going to go into a whole year where you’re making a deal with yourself, leaving your resentments behind. Along with all this, watch out for home accidents! Your sensitivity to your feet will increase in December. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will avoid interrogations.

Love charm: Relating to be refreshed.

Sex: You’ll make a difference with your charm.

2019 December Virgo Horoscope

You will start the year with a strong emotion. You’re going to go over the things you’ve thrown into, the things you’ve accumulated in your heart, that keep your mind busy. How would you like to be brave in December when you make the most important decisions of your life? December can help you make meaningful and important decisions. This year, you did what you said, you’ve managed to carry the flexible and practical side of all areas. You can bring a new order to improve your living standards and realize your dreams. You will begin to revise many details from working discipline to the way you like it. In this process, you will be the follower of the developments in the world and you will want to develop yourself in this direction. Your interest in cultural and artistic issues will increase. Especially if you are doing a business related to art, you can take your studies abroad to a close markage.

Love will be at the center of your life. If you’ve had a problematic relationship for a long time, you can make sharp decisions. You can leave behind the relationship that you don’t promise the future, that you live with constant anxiety, jealousy and restriction is high. If you’re a married Virgo, you’ll notice that your wife complains about routine issues. Although it’s annoying for you, you can justify it when you think about it. Your surprises and plans will bring your marriage to action. If you’re a Virgo who has long been separated or divorced, you will want to give yourself a chance in love again.

Jupiter, acting in earth sign since December 2, will be released in this area for a year. It will point out the abundance and advantage for you. Everything will settle on your logic as the sky spreads into the earth sign. Jupiter, whose soul is alive, can help its investments and profits. There have been some developments over the last 7 years that you’ve been waiting for to help you. All of the unfinished jobs since December are finding their way in a way. Jupiter, whose reputation is influential in the home that manages the conditions (5th house), will allow you to breathe in the living space, economic conditions, courage and relationships. You need very little time to create the conditions you want. Wait and see, everything will be better. 5. The house also hosts great changes in the vicinity. In this cycle, you will especially observe that the lives of your close friends have undergone great changes. If you were born between 1984-1998, married or engaged, you can witness that they have big problems. While everyone lives in small apocalypse; you will do your best.

As the eclipse occurs in the earth sign, it will form supportive angles with Jupiter. This will lead you one more time to your goals. You can experience big expansions in the last days of the year. You can experience the developments that will be the rehearsal of 2020 this month. In the last eclipse of the year, you no longer doubt your labor with strong emotions rising from within. In this last month of the year, the biggest conjunctions of the century began; You will also have received your intention. Maybe you won’t get utopian numbers, but you’ll gain respectability in the first place. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will pass the days of advantage.

The charm of love: It will direct the heart of courage.

Sex: You will add movement.

2019 December Libra Horoscope

You’re making an ambitious entrance to the last month of the year, where you’ll be caught in the breeze of winter weather. Past issues will be very important to you this month. You can make a quick return to the issues you left halfway, you had to give up, and stayed in. You will make a special effort especially for your personal development and your goals. This month, he’s gonna show you his win as he makes the last goals. As a Libra, leaving you with regrets, you will be quite sure of yourself. The important years for you now begin. You’ve spent the last three months blessing and earning. You will see from now on that your hard work is not wasted. You will not be afraid of confrontations as the sky prepares you for 2020. You will find that your fears are actually illusions.

You can experience improvements that you will understand that you are not mistaken in your predictions. In particular, the confusion in the lives of people in your immediate surroundings will help you understand how well you think you’ve just met the behavior of people who don’t feel right. On the other hand, you may get jealousy, misunderstandings, suspicions that force your mind. If you have a new relationship, your girlfriend may be a social personality. Your immediate desire to get involved in your immediate surroundings can cause major difficulties. If you don’t want to be seen as a sharp, limiting person, you should be restrained. If you’re a Libra with a long relationship, you’il want your uncertainty about marriage to stop. Your conversation with your lover can comfort you.

Jupiter’s transition to earth, the sun’s sign of fire, Mars’s full support of home, social life, education, career, social areas, such as relaxation, peace, confidence and ideas in all formations indicate that the common works. Moving fast may not be hard for you these days. Your popular side is on the rise. The fact that Venus and Jupiter, the planet of fortune, travels in the same soil group improves the perspective of events. You’il get away from the discouraging feelings. Bosses, teachers, parents and strong-minded people support the agenda this month. The last Full Moon of the year on December 12 points to a slightly different direction.

The city change that was constantly on his mind had never been out of his dreams all year round. The celestial dome that instills courage this month may show you the inevitable change. Finally your conditions are improving; home, career, division of property, money savings, retirement of his wife, work situation, your child’s school career, you can think of yourself in a completely different city for the year 2020. Earth support in the sky can earn you real estate. In fact, a small tip for you nowadays, if you are thinking of buying a ticket for New Year’s luck, you selector. You can also have supportive purchases for your immediate surroundings. You can rent or sell your house at a reasonable price that you have not been able to dispose of for years.

The sky announcing the year 2020; offers clever, grasping side goodies. It paves the way for applications in the new business space and academic field. By the end of 2019, you will digest the change you have brought into your life. He is experiencing the highest dose of logic, measuring his emotions every once in a while to make a promise to his heart. The sky, which will be an ointment for the pattern of thought, relieves the strong winds. Not the losers this year; You kazananlardan. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will not be mistaken in your intuition.

Your love charm: You will put an end to uncertainties.

Sex: Indulge will intensify your feelings.

2019 December Scorpio Horoscope

Prepare for a moon where you will embrace change! You will begin to leave behind the problems that have aggravated your heart and immobilized you all the time. You will try to be more courageous in matters that you think are restricted, that you cannot move freely. As you prepare to enter 2020, you will intend to take more analytical, realistic and guaranteed steps. In December, you will not hesitate to show your feelings clearly and clearly. You’re gonna try not to let the issues you’ve got inside of you bother you. Although you try to let yourself into the flow of life, at some point you will want to keep control. Especially your instincts to protect your loved ones can make you cautious. You will not hesitate to help, to stretch arms.

From December love life to his career, close friends of your family will cover every topic. As you capture opportunities that you will think you are lucky, you will better understand how valuable and valuable it is to work, to labor, to produce. If you’re a Scorpio who recently terminated your relationship, your emotional ups and downs may increase. On the other hand, what you hear about your ex will take you away from him. Sometimes it’s not clear where love comes from. When your heart is so wounded, love from your close circle may surprise your confession. If you are a Scorpio with an affair, you may feel that your lover has been filled by some friends. It would be advantageous to stay in the observer position for a bit more.

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On December 11, the Venus-Saturn conjuncture shows the last laugh in 2019; you will catch the most important issues of your life. As the planets hold hands in earth sign and rise in the 3rd house, you will show the people around where the fortune will open. There will be such great developments, especially in your career, that you will upset what has been said for you. December who promises days when you will see friends more clearly who are enemies. From December to December, when you’re going to pursue your career’s shortcomings, you’ll occasionally be ambitious. You will not hesitate to seek your rights and expose your efforts, especially if you are in a job with high subordinate relationship and high competition. If you are a Scorpio doing your own business, you can make major changes to your workplace. However, trying to be more flexible in working conditions will increase the respectability of your employees.

While the sun is accompanied by the solar eclipse in the land sign, it will indicate that education, business life, specialization issues, preparation period, job search are effective, positive, disciplined and aware of their natural duties. You must pay attention to the right budget, the right investments and the right people in your financial affairs. When you take a full look at 2019, you will want to give a new direction to your life. The revolutionary change in you has shaped your thinking. Calmness and maturity. You also learned to free yourself on some issues. As you are not afraid of responsibility, your ability to empathize has improved. This year you’ve felt the glimmer of the cycle, now getting you to say big words and preparing to take big things and take steps. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will trust your luck.

Your love charm: You will get rid of the broken hearts.

Sex: Your imagination will know no bounds.

2019 December Sagittarius Horoscope

A month in which your last year will pass before your eyes like a film strip will be valuable to you. Focusing on what you will do as of this month, stepping off without delay will bring great advantages for you in the following stages. You will notice that in December you will start to move away from the people who are annoying you, the envy of the inside and the ones who break your motivation, and the point of view starts to change in December. Every decision you make in December, every person you communicate with, can be a bridge for years to come. You will never want to create a new life, never, ever leave your dreams behind.

The heart’s doors are opening. If you are a Sagittarius repenting to love, you may be held to a love that you will remember the word of saying big bite and big word. As the doors of the volunteer slowly open; The dome of the sky says it can give a heart to a difficult character. If you are a Sagittarius with problems in your relationship, the intense and compelling sides of December can also examine your relationship. When you feel that you have reached the point you say enough, you can make sharp decisions about your relationship, you can rest your lover. If you are a recently divorced Sagittarius, you may find it difficult to establish a new order and revise your habits and emotions. You can go on a short vacation to distract your mind and calm your emotional transition. December 12, the Full Moon, will represent the 7th House. You’re going to prove that you stand behind the decision you made about the marriage. You will keep your relationships under control at the macro level. You can identify your wife, her family, people who have negative problems in your family.

If you are a Sagittarius who has entered a new job, for now you can push the conditions of living outside the city. If you plan to live abroad, you may need to ask a lawyer or specialist about the conditions to work in your country of destination. You can do little research on these issues. If you are a Sagittarius doing your own business, you should pay particular attention to the agreements you will make. Articles mentioned in the agreements or agreements may cause difficulties later.

After December 21, the season turns and sails to 2020. You will think about how much it has changed, that you have a completely different perspective, that you have taken some people out of your life. You realize you need to control your passion. You will understand that exaggerated reactions and demands only technically harm you. The solar eclipse that occurs after December 21st will break through for 40 days. The first solar eclipse you met at the beginning of the year could cause you to experience dejavu. Sobs, reconciliations, encounters can remind you of the beginning of the year.

Perhaps your greatest fear in life is not to oblige anyone. This year you have come a long way for yourself. You are now experiencing how right you are in some of your decisions. As a Sagittarius with a prominent essence, you have experienced a period of lasting friendships, even if you suffered a bit in the name of relationships. You’re leaving behind a whole year that’s preparing you for 2020. This year’s winner, the most changed, you leave behind tearful people. As a Sagittarius pursuing your dreams, you can achieve great success by taking the support of the earth element until 2024. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will get away from negativity.

Your love charm: You will try to manage your emotions.

Sex: Your expectations will rise!

2019 December Capricorn Horoscope

In December, big events, high emotions, rapid developments will frame your life. A month will be waiting for you to remind you of what life has brought to you, how quickly you have gone away, what you have fought for. In December, when your intuition is strengthened, you won’t want to compromise the truth. You can observe that you have a different perspective from your family, business and social environment than your close friends. Leaving one of the most accelerated years of your life behind you, in the last days of 2019, no matter how hard you believe that the sky loves you, I want to say that you first moved to Jupiter. The relationship of Jupiter, the planet of chance for a year, to its sign indicates that everything will be very different.

You have taken great steps this year in which you put your expectations, relationships, love, sincerity and changes in your character to the table. You realize how important things are to you. From sexuality to appearance, you know how good it feels to prioritize the inner values ​​that you have so far ignored. Now you say hello to 2020 when the balance in your life changes. If you’re a Capricorn for a long time, you might think your lover is comfortable with marriage. If you are a married Capricorn, you and your partner can make major decisions about your economic and social environment. You can make a decision to save and invest. The decisions you will make with your wife will bring a new order. If you have a new relationship, your lover and your life curiosity may make you look too skeptical.

You can make new plans and step into your dreams. Moving into the sign of the planet of chance at the same time to be faced with the same eclipse at the beginning of the year; it will allow you to see that nothing will be the same, that it has changed a lot, that there have been significant changes in your living space and status and that you have moved to a different environment. The sky, which will be eclipsed from December 21st, will allow you to reach many things you have longed for in your life. You should also take notes to Astrodefter.

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You can reveal your competitive side and your side, which no longer wants any obstacles. If you are a senior executive in a private organization, you may think that the work environment is irregular and that even employees are not doing the job seriously. You will try to control the situation by taking a clear and precise stance. On December 26, the solar eclipse in the sign supports Jupiter and each other. Different areas of personality and relationships develop. A job that suits your thinking, career plan, internship opportunities can make you happy. You’re not as obsessed with the issues that make you nervous, upset, or exhausting. You may be interested in language learning, development programs and nutrition systems in different cultures. You might want to get training on these issues.

In December of 2020, you will try to pay particular attention to your health. You can turn to organic foods and create a healthy diet. Pilates, yoga, you can head to sports. In this process, you should be careful not to push your body too much. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You won’t compromise the truth.

Love charm: you will make important decisions.

Sex: Sincerity and sincerity will be important.

2019 December Aquarius Horoscope

You will make a quick introduction to December, where you will redefine yourself and gain new principles. The winter weather of December can give you a sense of calmness, loneliness, and willingness to act alone. You often find yourself lost in memories. You’re not going to want to include the wishes in your life. In this sense, this month, you are resentful, you have been calling for a long time you can communicate with people you do not ask. You won’t fall short of keeping me in greatness, but somehow you’ll show how much you’ve changed, that you have limits and expectations.

You can start to make comprehensive plans of what you want to do next year. As you approach a new year, you will make important material and moral decisions. You will not want to sacrifice comfort, standard of living, but on the other hand you will want to spend your expenses in areas that will really make you happy. You can aim to increase your knowledge and experience with international tours, cultural and educational orientations.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, will affect your 12th house and design your worries as you cross the earth sign on December 3rd. If you are an Aquarius who thinks you cannot build a nest, cannot be loved and cannot fall in love, it will show you that everything has changed, that you have the possibility to choose, that life changes when you break prejudices and that you choose as much as you choose. If you’ve been in a troubled relationship for a long time, and you’re struggling with issues that don’t mind, the sky curtains open. If you’re a married Aquarius, you can feel jealous this month. Especially misunderstandings can drag you into this feeling. Oh, look out! If you are a Aquarius with children, there may be pleasing developments regarding the education of your child. You may also notice that your child has different abilities in this process.

If you’re a Aquarius who does his own thing and goes through some turmoil, you’re going to leave all this mess behind. Perhaps you will live in the 12th house while you live the longest year of your life, you will host two eclipses in a row. Experiencing these two eclipses over a 6-month period will make you realize how much life has changed if you don’t turn your intuition into a delusion, that your worries have been dominant in your life so far, that your life might be very different, that you manage your insights and turn your intuition into fiction. This month takes an important mark on your creativity, your talents, your creative perspective. If you want to improve yourself for the training and study area, this is the first time you will be able to use the possibilities and the environment. You might want to make efforts for communities and social topics with important, popular, popular people.

On December 21, the sky moves to earth, but also to Venus. You will see that the energy rises, even reflected in the behavior of the enthusiasm in everyday life. You will get rid of the delusions, increase your social activities, understand the importance of listening and analyze yourself that you have achieved the goal by not leaving yourself alone but rather tired. This year’s eclipses will make you realize that you have the recipe for self-healing with the power created in your 12th house. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will show your frankness to its limits.

The charm of love: You will want to fall under the spell of love.

Sex: You make your choice.

2019 December Pisces Zodiac Sign

December is rumbling, with its feet on the ground! December means another one for you. You’ll feel that your ideas jump to size and add to your experience. Certain issues that will raise your stamina can bring you to the point of stopping. It will overflow the emotions. Don’t worry, opening up your feelings sometimes brings with it great powers. On the other hand, in December you will benefit from being a good observer and listener. In particular, you may notice that some family members, relatives, or the social environment only have attitudes of their own. This month, while the sky is almost cornering everyone, you will endeavor to improve your quality of life, to realize your dreams and not to think about what others think.

In this winter’s most complicated month, your heart can say hello to love again. Especially if you have an empty Pisces for years, you can meet someone who will conquer your heart with both appearance and posture. If you’re a Pisces who ended up getting married a long time ago, you might want to experience your second spring again. Your heart, which wants to give yourself a chance, can be filled with love. If you are a married Pisces, you may experience disagreement with some individuals in your spouse’s family, especially your fellow men. You might think that your marriage was interfered, they were trying to lead you and your wife.

You know how much value you add to your life. You don’t get people out of your life just like you don’t decide right away. You have always tried to stay away from visuality and read people’s hearts and minds. You edited your life for others, you started life at an early age, you fought hard for your order. So you can interpret that some things don’t go the way you want. You’il be your priority next year. You’il realize that living with other people doesn’t give you anything. You also have a structure that does not easily break order. If you are a divorced Pisces, you will remember how important the ritual of marriage is to you. Even if you think that you have a fear of attachment from the inside, you are not a horoscope that can do the essence alone.

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You can achieve success in business. Especially if you are a Pisces who works in a project-based or periodic job, you can produce ideas that will provide material and moral benefits. This will increase your self-confidence. On the other hand, you will realize that all your efforts have not been in vain. If you are working in an institution that is going through an economically challenging process, rumors at work in December may increase your concerns. You may have feelings of being dismissed or going down. You can stop selling your car or real estate you have been considering for some time and postpone your decision.

While saying goodbye to 2019 materially and spiritually, he emphasizes that he will actually say goodbye. You will see that you will add nuance to your responsibilities, enter a new process, decide what you will do about your private life and criticize yourself. You’ll notice that you’re looking for a cure for some traits, adding value to your life, not hurting your heart as much as you used to, looking back this month. Actually, a new cycle is starting for you. While experiencing the first astrological effects of 2020; There is a process where you will embrace life with black and white. I wish all the good intentions and dreams that passed through the heart of the New Year to be realized with health and peace.

Agenda of December: You will add even more value to your life.

Your love charm: You will give your heart another chance.

Sex: You will make yourself indispensable with your self-confidence and charm

2019 Aralık Ayı Burç Yorumları Burçlarımıza Göre bizleri neler bekliyor, 2019 Yılını Bang İle Kapatacağız

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