10 Ways Companies Are Using Social Distancing To Promote Business


10 Ways Companies Are Using Social Distancing To Promote Business

Some businesses suffer greatly due to the pandemic, while others use innovative thinking to promote their services.

The crash has impacted large and small businesses around the world, and some companies reluctantly shut their doors, while others are afraid they might not be able to reopen only when time comes; other businesses make the most of the situation. When the economy reopens, marketing strategies will serve these companies well, because consumers will remember those who support their community and who stand by them and do nothing. History will document CEOs who keep their retail workers lined up at the food bank and lost their homes, paying their inflated salaries; Against the CEO who cuts salaries for their employees. The positive efforts of all types of businesses come at a time when most of the world needs help and hope. Brands that follow a large social media are uniquely positioned to spread awareness of their platforms, encourage positivity, encourage others to be philanthropists, and remind everyone that the fight against COVID-19 unites the world.

10. Changing Their Logos

The new McDonalds logo promoting social distancing. Image credit: www.packagingstrategies.com

9. Paying Their Employees

The CEO of Columbia recently pointed out a massive wage cut in 2020 to continue paying all of its staff during the COVID-19 crisis. Other companies, such as Apple, Kohls and Gap, promised to pay their employees, even though they were closed.

8. Donating to Charity

#8 Donating to Charity

Some companies donate money to anti-virus efforts. For example, YELP has committed $ 25 to assist small businesses affected by the closure of COVID-19. Everlane will donate 100% of its profit from the 100% Human line to Feeding America.

7. Encouraging Positivity

Puma encourages people to exercise at home. Even outside of work, personal trainers offer free tips and coaching through social media platforms to encourage people to stay fit.

6. Restaurants Feeding Others

Recife, Pernambuco/Brazil - March 30 2020: delivery of donations for the manufacture of meals for homeless people on the streets. Image credit: Juliana F Rodrigues/Shutterstock.com

5. Airlines Assist

JetBlue helps medical personnel move to the New York City virus hotspot to assist efforts for COVID-19. Other Airlines is working with their own governments to send their citizens who are stranded abroad due to border closures back to their countries. Meanwhile, Scandinavian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and easyJet have started retraining their flight crew to assist healthcare workers.

4. Free Hotel Nights

#4 Free Hotel Nights

Large hotel chains give healthcare workers free nights, so they don’t have to potentially expose their families to the virus. Hilton and Marriott are 2 accelerated chains to help healthcare workers fight the virus. In addition to helping frontline workers, states like California are demanded to accommodate and isolate vulnerable populations, such as vacant hotels, those without homes.

3. Free Services

Fitness brands and gyms have done an excellent job of offering free classes online or accessing their apps for a short period of time. Lululemon has free yoga classes on its websites, and various gyms and fitness studios offer free classes on Instagram and facebook. UnderArmour promotes its applications by encouraging users to perform routines on their platform.

2. Promoting Unity

#2 Promoting Unity

Large companies have made modest efforts to help spread awareness and provide free services and products to those in need. Many advertising campaigns have changed during this time to raise awareness and promote empathy and togetherness with the world. Hershey’s example says, “Spreading Love from afar,” and Guinness said the customers of St Patty’s Day parades all over the world saying, “Don’t worry, it’s March again.”

1. Spreading Awareness

Many companies have used their extensive platforms to help spread words on self-isolation and social withdrawal. For example, Volkswagen has developed a simple ad that tells everyone, “We Need to Protect Our Distance.” In Nike’s latest ad, “If You Have Dreamed Of Playing Millions Worldwide, You Have A Chance Now. Play Inside, Play For The World. “

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