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10 Natural Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection Pain And Discomfort


10 Natural Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection Pain And Discomfort

Urinary Tract Infection causes an unbearable and painful pain that really keeps your inner parts out and hurts you in the most vulnerable body parts. However, you don’t have to quietly suffer all this pain, as often as possible, with some simple home remedies to reduce its intensity and occurrence.

There are numerous home remedies that help prevent the spread and spread of such infections to your vital organs. However, if the condition worsens rather than heal, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Here are 10 easy and simple home solutions to help you get rid of UTI pain and heal faster!

1. Green Tea

Green tea has a strong antioxidant profile and scientific research has shown that it can do wonders in reducing inflammation in your bladder. Make a habit of consuming two to three cups of green tea every day, soothe your nerves and help you lose excess weight.

2. Bilberry Juice

Bilberry juice will satisfy your sense of taste and will feed your body with a large amount of antioxidants that will strongly strengthen your body to fight urinary tract infection. Snack at least half a glass of blueberries, or better yet, consume three ounces of glass if you experience painful symptoms.

3. Abundant Water

The more water you consume, the more bacteria are removed from your body and if you have an infection such as UTI, it is more important that it wipes out the bacteria and stays moist. Your target should be consuming at least 8 liters of water every day. Always have a glass of water near you, or keep a bottle or your own water bottle that can be refilled during the day.

4. Garlic and Horseradish

Garlic is great for clearing urinary tract infections by fighting bacteria and strengthening the healing powers of your body. The best way to really absorb all their food is to eat raw and fresh food. Horseradish also has a very strong antibiotic and antiseptic profile and has a diuretic effect that is thought to be highly effective in treating urinary tract infections.

5. Avoid wet laundry

Bacteria always grow faster in dampness and wetness, so be sure to change your wet or sweaty laundry quickly, after going to the gym, after walking in the rain or wet swimsuits. If you are constantly experiencing UTI symptoms, it is strongly recommended that you wear loose cotton under more comfortable breathing clothing.

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6. Vitamin C

Acidic foods are poisonous to bacteria, for example nitric acid from vitamin C creates a very toxic environment in your body that kills bacteria and cleanses your system. You should consume at least 500-2.000mg of Vitamin C every two hours for a period of 2 days. If the pain persists, try the same dose three times a day, and once the infection has healed, continue to consume 500-1000 mg of Vitamin C each day to prevent the effective return of infection.

7. Do not take too much bath

Bath salts and gels contain harmful chemicals that damage your urethra and cause irritation and infection. You should also avoid hard deodorants, body sprays, scented toilet paper, and other cosmetic products containing toxic chemicals.

8. Avoid liquor and caffeine

Caffeine in tea, coffee, soda and energy drinks can irritate your bladder and alcohol has the same effect. Therefore, avoid both, unless you want to aggravate the pain and symptoms of infection.

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9. Cranberry Juice

Until 1840, cranberries were considered a powerful and highly effective solution to kill bad bacteria. Scientific research has shown that cranberries contain hippuric acid that damages the growth of E. coli bacteria, the most common cause of urinary tract infection. Cranberries help spread E. coli bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract and then enter the bladder and kidneys deeper.

Fresh and pure cranberry juice is rich in antioxidants that weaken bacteria and prevent contact with the walls of the urethra. It is recommended to drink three ounces of cranberry juice every day at 8 ounces. However, do not add a lot of sugar on it, you can even eat half a glass of dried blueberries.

10. Use the toilet immediately after sex

Urination after sex is important, and failure to do so has emerged as the most common cause of UTI. You see, sexual intercourse causes toxic bacteria to be pushed into the urethra and given more force to cause infection. However, once urinating, all bacteria are cleared and removed from the urethra.

Nature and healthy habits are the easiest and cheapest answer to all our suffering, medical properties and diseases. I wish we could adopt healthy and healthy lifestyles, and with a good diet and of course regular exercise, we can avoid all fatal and painful diseases.

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