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10 Most Common Baby Names In The US


10 Most Common Baby Names In The US

The US Social Security department follows the naming of American babies and publishes a list of the most popular boy and girl names every year.

Baby names may change over the years. Some baby names have long been popular. Some baby names are new and trendy. The US Social Security department follows the naming of American babies and publishes a list of the most popular boy and girl names every year. Here is the latest list of popular baby names in the USA.

10. Girls: Evelyn Boys: Logan

The name Evelyn is the tenth most popular American girl. It is of English origin. It means “wished for a child”.

The name Logan is used for both boys and girls, while it is the tenth most popular name for boys in the USA. It is derived from Scottish surname Logan.

9. Girls: Harper Boys: Mason

The ninth most popular name for American girls, Harper became popular with writer Harper Lee’s reputation for Killing a Mockingbird.

A traditional masculine name, recently Mason has been used as a name for both sexes. Originally it meant “works with stone”.

8. Girls: Amelia Boys: Lucas

Amelia, the eighth most popular girl in the USA, is used in many languages. It means “hard working” in German. It means “work of the Lord” in Hebrew. Latin means “hardworking”.

Lucas is a Greek and Latin name. It was originally used to identify a man from Luciana, an ancient region in southern Italy.

7. Girls: Mia Boys: Elijah

Derived from the name Maria, Mia is the seventh most popular name for American girls. Danish means “lover”.

Elijah is the traditional Bible name, so it has probably been so popular among American kids for many years. In the Bible, Elijah was one of the prophets.

6. Girls: Charlotte Boys: Benjamin

Charlotte is the name of the most popular sixth girl. It has been popular for a very long time since it was introduced to England in the 17th century.

The name of the sixth most popular child, Benjamin, comes from the name Binyamin Hebrew, which means “the son of the right hand”.

5. Girls: Sophia Boys:Oliver

Many parents take months to select a name for their child is born.The fifth most popular names for American boys and girls are Oliver and Sophia.

Sophia is a Greek word for “wisdom” or “skill”. In some churches Sophia is the name of the feminine personification of the divine.

Oliver is a French name meaning “olive tree”.

4. Girls: Isabella Boys: James

Isabella is the fourth most popular name among girls in the USA. The classic name means “promised to God” or “devoted to God”.

Another all-time favorite, the boy’s name is derived from James, Hebrew Jacob. It means “following.”#What are the top 10 baby names for 2019?,#What are the top 10 names in America?,#What is the most common name in the US?,#What are the most popular boys names in the United States?,#What are the hottest boy names?,#What is the best boy name?,#What are some powerful names?,#What is the most unique name?,#What is the least popular name?

3. Girls: Ava Boys: William

Ava is a Latin origin name. It is a variant of the name Eve and means “life”.

William is one of the most popular names of all time. It means “stable guardian” or “strong will”. It became especially popular when Prince Charles named his first son William.

2. Girls: Olivia Boys: Noah

An infant baptism ceremony. Some children are named during such ceremonies.

1. Girls: Emma Boys: Liam

The two most popular American baby names are Emma and Liam.

Emma is derived from the Germanic word meaning “whole” or “universal”.

Liam is the short name for both William and Irish Uilliam. Liam means “strong willed warrior” or “guardian”.

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