10 Major Takeaways Of The Covid-19 Pandemic


10 Major Takeaways Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

These are the times to say the least. This epidemic caught us off guard, and many are taking lessons alone when they are alone.

This epidemic shook us to our nucleus, made many health systems helpless and brought countries to their knees. Our financial systems are suffering, economies are battered by the brutal attack that many believe will take some time to fully recover. Industries partially, some completely shut down.

Families are deported inside, lucky ones work from home, others are laid off. These are the times to say the least. This epidemic caught us off guard, and many are taking lessons alone when they are alone.

Here are just a few of the people around the world noticing when dealing with this pandemic.

10. Countries are not ready for a pandemic

Judging by the fact that this virus catches even the most powerful countries off guard, the world is not ready for an epidemic. Many scientists believe that this epidemic will not be the last, as we are very close to wildlife. If people continue to invade their habitats and use wild animals to eat, we will see that more pandemics will emerge from woodwork in the future. Although most of our animals in the wilderness are not thousands of unknown pathogens, they host hundreds of people. We have to be ready next time. We need to pour billions of dollars in research that will help us get ready when the next virus hits, because experts believe that the problem is “whether to come with another pandemic” now, the question is “when?”

9. We live in a global village

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8. We don’t need much to survive

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7. Life is fragile and precious

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This virus has taken thousands of lives worldwide and many are still fighting in the intensive care unit. By this time, we all know someone who lost their loved ones because of the virus. It is a lesson about life and death. We now understand how fragile life is and how easy it can be taken from us and our loved ones. More importantly, we learn that life is valuable, and we still need to feed it while we still have time, because death is inevitable and life is temporary. So now we need to make the most of our time with our loved ones.

6. Many jobs can be done from home

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Many companies ordered employees to vacate offices and work from home. While this has been done by many companies before, this is something completely new for others. This is the first time that others have been working remotely. Now that they have been accustomed to this order after being home for weeks, many realize that their work can be done at home or anywhere with a fixed wifi connection.

Many companies now learn that there is no need to connect people to their desks and that they are not more productive if they work from home. Many who do not have to waste time traveling to the office now use this extra time to get more done.

5. Health is everything

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There have been millions of people in your bank account since you’ve been in a job for years, but if you don’t take care of yourself, this money will not do anything when your body starts to deteriorate. Health is much better than financial wealth. This is something we noticed right now, many are trying to make up for it by stocking vegetables and vitamin C.

Our body is our investment, and once this powerful virus is infected, we won’t have a chance to fight if we don’t care about it now. Now we learn how healthy eating not only looks good, but also viruses like coronavirus attack, how we keep our bodies working.

4. We have real heroes in the neighborhood

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No, in the movies, these heroes, like most of us, can’t do much more than they get stuck at home. They are stuck in their big mansion and ask who is more bored with each other. Save for millions of people they can donate, they really don’t fight this “war of humanity.” Our true heroes are our tired doctors who expose themselves to the virus in the emergency room. Some even died to save people.

True heroes, our doctors and nurses receive waves on patient waves in hospitals, even if there is a shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE). Our grocery staff who continue to make sure we have everything we need to survive. Delivery drivers that bring us what we need to live. Anyone who has never paid attention to before, but now is doing their best to keep us alive and to compare us with a bit of normality in the midst of chaos.

3. When facing a pandemic it’s the human race vs a virus

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It is surprising to see how many people come together to fight the spread of this virus and save the human race, regardless of political connections, race, color or religion. How our self-isolation efforts can respond to the global call for leveling the pavement.

What we have learned throughout this ordeal is that we are all under us, we are all human, and we must put aside things that divide us in order to survive. A pandemic of this size can only be stopped if we work on the same team and do not stand against each other. It’s really the human race against this virus.

2. Different people have their own way of coping

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We saw people buying toilet paper from all other needs, we saw others arguing and fighting online, we saw some challenge calls to stay home, and we saw that many dances escape in the video. But there are fears, anxieties and worries about what will happen and how things are manifested.

People show their feelings in their own way, they have their own way of dealing with difficult situations, and we need to be more understanding. People are in a state of constant stress, perhaps acting differently as a means of coping.

1. Nature can still wipe us out

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This epidemic destroyed all previous illusions of immunity, all power fantasies in nature, and everything else. Nature is still much stronger than the sum of all our ultra-advanced systems. We are nothing compared to his powers, even the brightest minds cannot fully understand what nature can do and how to erase us instantly. There is a lot in nature that we still do not understand and are not ready to face.

While laboratories around the world are competing against time to find out how to fight this virus, this epidemic continues to challenge what we think we know about nature. Experience is as humble as it is enlightening.

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